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Last year I grew eggplant for the first time and wasn’t really successful. I planted late and we had a cooler than normal summer. My plants had tons of little baby eggplants but nothing grew big enough to harvest. This year not only are my plants loaded but I’ve already picked the first few fruits. I planted two varieties, Little Finger and Fairy Tale. Both are miniature Japanese style eggplants. The Little Finger are the solid purple and the Fairy Tale are variegated.

They both grow in groups of 4 to 6 fruits. As you can see three of them grew very close together! I used these to make a version of moussaka.

I’m not sure if I’ll grow them again. It turns out eggplant needs a lot of water and since I grew them in pots I sometimes water them twice a day. I like the idea of having them though, so maybe I’ll just need to reconsider my plan.

Tomatoes continue to ripen and peppers are in full swing, too. And the blueberries are going crazy. It’s a delicious time of year!


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