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Moussaka and More



I pretty much had a perfect weekend.  I got enough done to feel industrious but actually spent much of the weekend doing fun things with friends.  I started out the weekend doing a bunch of little errands but that involved stopping by my U-District Farmers’ Market, which is much more pleasure than "task".  The produce is starting to change to fruits and vegetables I associate more with fall than with summer.  The chiles and peppers were running rampant as were eggplants.  I love eggplant and picked up several varieties, colors and shapes. 

Saturday by late afternoon I was back at DW and MGs for a garden party and more Deerfield Ranch and Grochau Cellars wines.  In theory the party ended at 7:00 but I was a very bad guest and finally dragged myself out the door about 10:00!  This morning I was up early for breakfast over at M’s house.  Her mom is in town for a few days (I just love her!) and the woman who owns the Harmon Brewery, a family friend, was also at her house for the weekend.  We had a lovely breakfast, watched part of the Danskin Triathlon as the participants ran by just down the hill from our location, and then decided to meander over to Fremont for the Sunday Market


After spending a couple hours wandering and looking at stuff I made my way back home got a few things done and then made one of my favorite meals, Greek Moussaka.  Years ago I started using this recipe from Tyler Florence and it’s still the base of what I do, although I tend to make little variations based on what I’m feeling like and what’s on hand.  For instance today I added: an Anaheim chile from my garden; a little anchovy paste to add a bit of complexity; substituted Chevre for the feta and dry breadcrumbs for fresh.  There may have been more but those are the major changes. 


It’s such a hearty yet healthy tasting/feeling dish!  And the there are so many layers to the flavors that I never tire of it.  This is a great recipe and you should try it.  The photos don’t do the dish justice so you’ll just have to believe me! 

Now I’m finishing up a few more loose-ends and getting ready to hit the ground running on Monday morning.  It was a weekend well done!

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