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Summer Brunch Menu



Matermelon & Mint Salad


In the last couple of posts I’ve alluded to a brunch I recently hosted. In case you’re interested here’s the full menu.


Buttermilk biscuits


Make the tomato soup and quinoa salad the day ahead.  The watermelon salad and the mixed berries with yogurt take just a few minutes to assemble.  The sausage could be oven-grilled making it easier to watch while you are working on something else.  The biscuits come together pretty quickly and can be baked a couple of hours before brunch.  And, as you’ll see in the soufflé post, you can even assemble the soufflés then hold them in the refrigerator until you are ready to bake them.  As you sit down to the table for the soup course pop them in the oven and they’ll be ready soon after you’ve cleared the soup bowls.  If you don’t plan to serve in courses, put them in the oven after the majority of your guests arrive.  You want them to finish so they go straight to the table from the oven.

Oh, a big bottle of rosé or Prosecco doesn’t hurt, either!


Mixed Berries & Yogurt



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