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Baby Cauliflower

My trip to the University District Farmers’ Market also yielded a beautiful baby cauliflower.  Over the last few years more of these little delicate heads have been showing up in the markets and I love it.  I nearly always end up wasting part of the larger, more normal size heads.  Even though cauliflower will hold for quite some time a big head is just too much for me, in most cases. 
When the photo below was taken  I’d been planning to do a cauliflower gratin (hence the casserole in the photo).  But when dinner time came around I decided to grill it along side some lamb steaks.  I drizzled the half-heads (as seen below) with olive oil and placed them directly on the grill over a medium-high heat.  It took about 12 minutes to get to a lightly-charred, tender state, a little longer than the lamb steaks. 
Once grilled melted butter and a little squeeze of lemon juice was all it needed. 

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