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First Look: Bisato

A few days after the official open we visited Bisato, Chef Scott Carsberg’s latest venture.  Located in the same space Lampreia lived, this version is a total change.  I loved Lampreia but really hadn’t been there for years.  Too much planning involved for someone like me who likes to drop into a place at the drop of a hat.  Lampreia wasn’t a place you could really drop into.  I tried a couple times and the results were rather disastrous.  Lampreia just couldn’t really handle that type of business.  But Bisato, Bisato welcomes the casual drop by with open arms! 
Although I’ve only been there once and it’s too early to completely embrace the new place, I have great hopes.  The menu is still creative, interesting and most of all delicious!  The kitchen was still getting their timing down – not that it was bad, but sitting where we did at the undulating bar we were privy to the preparation going on behind the scenes.  It’s really way too early to comment on much so instead I’m just going to list what we tried that night and tell you I’d be happy to eat every single one of them again.  And again. 
We each started with a glass of Prosecco.  I had rosé, M had a brut.  Delicious and with more body than many Proseccos.  We had all small plates for our meal.  First up was warm prawns with ripened mango.  Next, we each had a seared lamb chop with the cutest dollop of whipped potato.  That was followed by seared mortadella with goat cheese and balsamic for me, and ravioli aperto with egg for M.  We finished with the orange confit with chocolate caramel mousse.  I knew I’d like that, M wasn’t so sure but after the first bite was completely sold. 
Our food bill was under $45 – probably about 2/3 of what it would have been if this was still Lampreia.  The Prosecco was reasonably priced, too. 
I’m excited to go back.  This might be a new Belltown drop in spot! 
2400 First Ave
Corner of First and Battery

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