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Simply Delicious

I haven’t been to the University District Farmers’ Market for quite some time.  And I’ve missed it.  But other obligations have been keeping me away.  Today, I returned and what a perfect day to cruise around the booths savoring the first signs of spring!
It’s early in the season and the fresh-from-the-garden fare is limited but still there’s quite enough that I could overbuy if not careful.  I kept a tight reign on myself this morning.  One of my purchases was a bunch of big radishes.  I love radishes and I’ll probably eat this bunch in one sitting.  They really don’t need anything but I like to dip them in salt.  The French slather them with butter and then dip them in salt.  That’s good, too, but I really like them with just salt best.  Fresh, crisp, sweet and spicy.  They wake you up.  They remind you that spring is here and summer is not far behind.   

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