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Seattle Uncorked

I’ve long been a student of wine.  Vacations and travel often include side trips and stops at tasting rooms.  I used to be a regular at a couple of retailers’ weekly tastings.  About a year and a half ago I started a wine tasting group to actually be more methodical in our tastings.  And one of the great resources in Seattle, if you’re interested in wine, is Seattle Uncorked
Uncorked is a wine club of sorts.  Basically you sign up to become a member and then you’ll receive information about wine events in the Seattle area.  Many of them are sponsored or organized by David LeClaire, the group’s founder, but he also highlights other events of interest.  Most of the events are low cost and many bring together small or new producers.  While the focus is often on Washington wineries, some events are more global. 
Saturday night was the second anniversary of the club’s founding and there was a wine tasting to celebrate.  This was one of my favorite tastings to date.  The location in Georgetown was spacious and the tickets limited to just 200 so it was fairly easy to taste your way around the room.  There were a few bottle necks at the corners but with a little patience you could negotiate your way in to every table. 
But my favorite part of the night was that they were also selling the wines we tasted that night.  Most wine events – other than those at retail shops or tastings at wineries – do not offer this option.  I don’t know about you, but when doing a big tasting like this (about twenty wineries, each with multiple wines) no matter how good I am at taking notes I find it challenging to keep it all straight.  Add to that discussions with friends as you taste (was that one I liked or they liked?), that most wines are opened and immediately served not always showing the wine at its best, and sometimes at the end of the event I’m wondering if I can trust my notes at all.  If the wineries are small or new it can also be challenging to find the wines at local retail outlets. 
With the wines available for purchase I was able to select several I thought I liked, buy a bottle of each and now I can do a more thorough tasting at home even opening a bottle and trying the wine over a couple of days to see how it develops. 
I also loved that the Skillet trailer was parked outside and had some very tasty menu items they’d prepared for the night.  Not a bad way to insert a little break in the tasting!
If you are interested in wine and tastings I encourage you to join the group.  And that is a little bit against my better judgment since events nearly always sell out as it is!  Still, I think this is a resource that should be shared so it’s my gift to you. 
You can add yourself to the group by submitting your email address on this page

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