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Citrus Time

I think I love the winter season citrus fruits nearly as much as the stone fruits of summer.  While all citrus is in season right now, there’s one special fruit that is showing up around town, Meyer lemons.  I was just about to alert you that they are now available at Costco for $6.99 for 4 pounds of gorgeous fruit and in this weekend’s paper Braiden Rex-Johnson wrote a great article about them
If you haven’t had Meyer lemons before they are actually a cross between lemons and mandarin oranges – or at least that is what is believed.  And you can see that by both looking and tasting them.  They are a little sweeter than a standard lemon and have a hint of orange flavor and color.  They have thin, smooth skins and are super fragrant.  Just cutting them for the photo perfumed the whole room! 
They won’t be around too long so go get them while you can!

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