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It isn’t just Meyer lemons that are in season right now but all citrus.  No matter where you buy yours you should see prices going down.  Even better the fruit should taste more like itself.  I picked up a bunch of pink grapefruit from my local market a few days ago.  They were only 50 cents apiece.  These are smaller grapefruit but they are full of juice.  Each grapefruit will provide more than a glass of juice or two very nice servings of whole fruit.  Next time you are in the store make sure you check out the citrus aisle. 
You can tell if a citrus fruit will be juicy by holding it.  Those that have more juice will feel a little heavy for their size, those with less juice will feel lighter in your hand.  With a little practice you’ll be able to tell pretty easily. 
If you are doing a lot of juicing the electric Braun pictured above is a nice little workhorse.  I’ve had this one for about twenty years and it’s still going strong.  But all you really need is a simple tool like a reamer or a hand-held squeezer.  They take a little more muscle and you need to be a little careful to control "squirting" but they are great tools that do a fine job, too. 

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