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Can you spare $9? Donate $9 on 9/9!

Today Food Lifeline is running a campaign to raise money to help bridge the gap for the growing need for food here in western Washington. As we are all aware, the economy is creating circumstances that are sending more people to the food banks to help make ends meet each month.  Between increasing mortgages and high gas prices, which are effecting more than just what you put in your car, many folks are finding that their monthly income doesn’t quite cover their expenses. 
Food Lifeline did some analysis and determined that if everyone in our area donated $9 we could make up most or all of that gap.  You’ve heard it before – skip a couple of lattes and you can easily help feed those in need.  There’s nothing wrong with lattes, of course, and if you’ve worked hard to enjoy them that’s great.  But maybe, just for a couple days, you could get energized from the feeling of doing something really good.  So many of those in need are children.  If we all give a little, it can do a lot.  
You can donate online here
As you may be aware I like to work with Northwest Harvest, too, and you can find their online donation form here
If you are in other areas of the U.S. you may want to find a local food bank organization to donate to.  Just google the name of your area and "food bank" and you’ll see a list of local organizations.  You can also find Hunger Action Month events in your area here
Or donate to Feeding America (formerly know as America’s Second Harvest) here
And if you happen to read this post after the 9th?  That’s okay – your donation will still help no matter what the date, so don’t think you "missed" your opportunity!

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