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My tomato plants are loaded with fruit.  But just when they should have started ripening like crazy our weather turned cold.  Unseasonably cold.  Even for Seattle.  I’ve been watching the little guys as they seemed to hunker down and suspend all activity. Then, the last few days, we’ve had more summer like weather.  Although the nights are getting colder than they should. 
But the tomatoes have responded and finally I have lots of little Sweet 100s and Golden Plums while the 4th of July tomatoes to slowly but surely ripen a little at time.  The Green Zebras are also starting to come on.  My big disappointment are the Brandywines.  They seem to be rotting on the vine, as are many of my peppers.  But I’m not going to think about those right now.  Instead I’m going to enjoy this lovely bowl of gorgeous summer bounty and look forward to picking more of it over the next few days.   

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