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Two, two, two benefits in one! But act fast!

Those of us in the U.S. are finally getting around to really taking waste more seriously.  We’ve decided it isn’t enough to just reuse or recycle, we really need to start putting the idea of reduce in our daily activities.  And if we won’t do it ourselves the government is going to help us!  In January there is a new law going into affect here in Seattle, and I’m sure there are variations of this law already in affect or in the planning stages in other areas. 
In January grocery, drug and convenience stores will need to charge customers twenty cents for every bag (paper or plastic) used.  It used to be that several grocery stores in town offered a reward for reusing bags or bringing in your own bags.  Many of them deducted five cents from your bill for every bag you brought in and used. But rewards are no longer an option, the city government says "get out the stick!"  While I strongly disagree with the method for several reasons, I do agree with the idea that we really need to act more responsibly with what we consume.  Bags are the first step and maybe that will get us on the road to looking at all the other "disposables" in our life: razors; "Swiffer-type" products; single serving anything are just a few that jump to mind.  They may all have a use in specific situations but do we need to use them on a daily basis?
Okay, back to the bags – bear with me here.  This weekend is also the Susan G Komen 3-Day Walk to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research.  And now you can support this foundation and get a great deal on cool, canvas shopping bags at the same time!  Although my title says two benefits there are actually three here:  for the Susan G Komen foundation, for the environment and for your pocketbook.  It’s a trifecta! 
Fru Fru always sells reusable canvas bags with brightly colored designs – much nicer than those canvas bags that have some store name across the front of them!  And a portion of their sales always go to the Susan G. Komen foundation so this is already a win-win proposition.  But today through September 14th – the days of the 3-Day walk – they have dropped the prices of the bags by 15% so that you save, too!  The bags normally retail for $19.99 and for these three days they are marked down to $17. 
That is a small price to pay for a sturdy, reusable, interesting bag that you won’t be embarrassed to take into any store or to carry down the street on a regular basis.  You have a choice of eight different designs so there is something for everyone.  Each design is named for someone who has battled breast cancer. 
So what are you waiting for?  Jump on over to Fru Fru and buy a couple for yourself.  And the holidays are creeping up on us, too.  Maybe this year, instead of buying paper gift bags you can use these as your "wrapping paper" for a gift within a gift.  Really the possibilities are endless.  But whatever you use them for you’ll be helping lots of causes at once.   

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