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Ladies’ Summer Brunch


It has been a very long time since I did one of my Ladies’ Brunches!  But finally, this last Sunday, I scheduled one.  I was a bit worried that a lot of people would be on vacation or have other obligations with the holiday weekend.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that fourteen people were able to attend.
So Sunday at 10:00 am the guests started arriving (and the sun starting breaking through the clouds!) and we assembled on the deck with a glass of juice or sangria in hand.  Shortly after 10:30 am we moved to the long table and the dining began in earnest.  
I often serve these brunches buffet or family style but I decided to plate some of this day’s courses.    
Here is the menu for the day: 
We started with the sliced fruit, then I brought out the tart plated with the greens and passed the sausage, vegetables and scones.   

When everyone had completed the main portion of the meal I brought out the Grapefruit Sorbet as a palate cleanser and a little break in the dining.  
Then we finished with cheese blintzes topped with framboise whip cream and mixed berries.  
It was a really fun party as it always is – I have great friends who make it so.  And it helped that the sun was out which lightened everyone’s spirits.  I love doing brunches as people tend to linger around the table and just enjoy the conversation after the dining is done.  The key to planning a successful brunch is to choose dishes that can be assembled the day ahead of time and then just finished the morning of the event.  So, for instance, with the Goat Cheese Tart, I’d baked the shell and mixed the filling on Saturday.  On Sunday I put the filling in the shell and baked them.  And, this dish can be served warm or at room temperature, which allowed me to bake it when I got up and then it was ready to be cut and served. 
Lots more photos here
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  1. currie permalink
    09-Jul-2008 8:04 am

    Wish  I was one of those lucky guests!!!! Ha!

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