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4th of July


I am so excited! Yesterday I picked my first tomato of the year!  This is way early for tomatoes here in Western Washington.  But when I was buying plants from my Farmers’ Market guy, Billy, he said this was a great and early ripening plant.  It’s name?  4th of July!  Because the first tomatoes ripen about this time.  And it worked!  I picked it yesterday and am just about ready to eat it today! 
And the best part is there will be more to come…
  1. 04-Jul-2008 9:34 pm

    Hi Ya .. wow that is brilliant! I love home grown tomatoes. Another favourite of mine is fried green tomatoes .. yummmmm! Take care, H

  2. Jennifer permalink
    07-Jul-2008 7:18 pm

    Too perfect! Hope it was tasty and delicious.-jenj

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