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Running of the Bulls at Txori


Monday night found MO and I bellying up to the bar at Txori (pronounced Chori) having a bite to eat while waiting for the "Running of the Bulls".  Txori’s owners hail from San Sebastian, Spain and this is the week in Pamplona, Spain that lots of crazy people take to the streets with the bulls.  The Seattle version was much more tame, however.  The "bulls" were dressed up shopping carts and runners paid a $20 entry fee which got them a T-shirt and was donated to the Seattle Blood Bank.  As you might imagine, the actual running was corny and silly and fun.  

But, as normal, the highlight of the night was the food.  Because the tiny place was packed we stood at the bar in front, which made this experience feel more like we were back in San Sebastian.  Not only did we get to enjoy the small bites (pintxos) we ordered but we got to watch the chefs making and plating all the orders going out – it was a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds! 

Everything we ordered was great!  Some of the items we chose were the Boquerones (anchovies), Gambas (shrimp), Chorizo con Chocolate, champiñones, lamb, pork and a Flan de Café to finish it off.  All of this was accompanied by a glass of wine, of course! 
The menu changes fairly regularly – not so much in what items are offered but in how they are prepared.  So, for instance, boquerones are always on the menu but sometimes they may be paired with tapanade or sometimes with jámon. 
Txori has special events going on all this week.  While I’m sure they will all be fun, go for the food and you won’t be disappointed. 
See more photos here.   

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