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City Kitchens Birthday Sale

For those of you in Seattle it’s that time of year – City Kitchens month-long celebration of their "birthday".  From now until the end of September everything – yes everything – in the store is on sale.  Some things are marked with special prices but even those that aren’t are 20% off.  It’s a great time to pick up any sort of gadget you’ve been needing/wanting/craving! 
On Sunday I picked up a set of steak knives (1/2 off); several kitchen gadgets (25% off); a couple of frying pans (special price and then discounted) and a baking pan to make teeny-tiny cakes (20%) off.  I have a couple other things I may go back for, too. 
Check it out ~  
City Kitchens
1525 Fourth Ave

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