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Blues for Food Fest

Hmmmm – this link appears to have been pulled – don’t know what’s up with that!
Here’s an interesting sounding event that comes to us via NWSource: 
The proceeds from the first annual Blues for Food Fest will benefit the P-Patch Trust, an organization that’s working to eliminate local hunger by helping along community gardening. That alone is worth your $20, but there’s more to this meal: You’ll get a full plate of blues served up by local bands Captain Leroy & The Zydeco Locals, Brian Butler Blues, Two Scoops Combo, Kim Field & The Mighty Titans of Tone and Billy Roy Danger & The Rectifiers. Veraci Pizza and Hermosa Tamales will provide the chow, and Ciscoe Morris will lead a "bug hunt." Normally, I’d think that "bug hunt" was a euphemism for something else, but I believe that in this case, Morris will actually be searching for insects, for the purpose of education.
If you aren’t sure what a P-Patch is check this out.   

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