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Jelly Roll


Growing up I learned to make pie from my Mom.  It seems like there was always pie around the house – apple, all sorts of berry, rhubarb, cherry, lemon meringue – you name it and we probably had it at some point.  Each time we made pie there would be trimmings left from the crust.  Never one to waste a thing, my Mom would then take these trimmings, carefully re-roll them (not too much or the crust would get tough…) and then we’d make some sort of little jelly roll or a crispy piece of cinnamon and sugar crust. 

Each time I make pie I follow this same little ritual.  It’s the thing that tides me over until the real pie can be sliced, as pie right out of the oven needs to cool a bit to let the juices gel, but little jelly rolls can be eaten almost immediately! 

When I made my apple pie on Friday, I guess because it had been some time since I’d made one, this memory came flooding back to me.  And as I made my little peach jelly roll, I thought of my Mom and hoped she was enjoying watching me make it and was happy that I remembered this little treat she always made. 


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