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Mocha Makes Me Mellow



Okay, I’m procrastinating.  I should be doing "real" work but instead I’m in a bit of a mood and I just feel like organizing stuff.  Since I’m trying to ignore the urge and actually work I’m sitting at my PC.  Oh, look! I should organize all these recent photos before they get out of hand! :-)

I came across a few photos I took at Zeitgeist while waiting for M to join me for the First Thursday Art Walk last week.  The place was nearly empty so I took a seat at the window to watch the world go by while I waited.  I’d barely sat down when an older guy sat next to me.  Thin but not frail; long, long scraggly grey beard and not quite so long hair; dressed rather nattily.  He wanted to talk.

As I finished taking my photos he asked me photography questions and then we moved on to all sorts of random topics.  From our conversation I would say former Harley rider; bit of a hell-raiser; at the core a gentle spirit; engaged; involved; interested; resigned to the fact that he now has a "boring, family-style" car.  He left before M arrived but I saw him a couple times that night as he made his way through the various galleries, still active and interested.  Still living life. 

Zeitgeist Art and Coffee
171 S. Jackson St., corner of Jackson & 2nd
Pioneer Square, Seattle


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