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Frites: Belgian Fries

I finally got around to "lunch" just before 4:00 pm today.  I had finished a meeting up on Capitol Hill a bit early and instead of heading directly home I decided to make my way to Frites: Belgian Fries for a quick treat. They say a picture is worth a thousand words – and maybe in this case even more!  
Can you see how nicely browned (and crispy) on the outside these were?  They were perfectly soft and potato-ey in the center, too.  Notice all the nice chunky salt perfectly adhered to the sides?  What you can’t see are the yummy sauces I chose to have with them.  One was a typical European sauce – mayo with a bit of flavoring – and the other I chose was a poblano ranch.  I couldn’t decide which one I liked best!  
They also sell a few sausages, if you are interested.
Perfect day or night – remember that next time you’re out and about in the wee hours.  Frites is open until 2:30 am Thursday – Saturday…   
Frites: Belgian Fries
925 East Pike (on the SW corner of Pike and 10th)

  1. Unknown permalink
    11-Jul-2006 6:08 pm

    Now that\’s a lunch! I\’d have loved those fries today.

  2. Culinary permalink
    12-Jul-2006 5:56 am

    Hi Jennifer!
    Good to hear from you! These really hit the spot.   You\’ll have to check them out next time you are in Seattle! :-)
    ~ B

  3. Vicky permalink
    12-Jul-2006 7:53 am

    Just a little note to let you know I was here….
    Those Belgian Fries do look awesome…too bad I\’m not in Seattle!

  4. Culinary permalink
    12-Jul-2006 3:20 pm

    Hi Vicky!
    Thanks for stopping by and nice to "meet" you! 
    ~ B

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