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Domaine Corne Loup Tavel Rosé – 2004

Before I start on this year’s lineup of rosé I have a couple bottles from last year to finish off.  Rosé is meant to be consumed when it is young – the best time is the same year it is bottled and released, although it will certainly be okay for a year or two.  It’s jut just that the bright, fresh flavors fade early. 
I normally don’t keep rosé at all, but I had so many last year that a couple just didn’t make it to the table.  When I brought home this year’s stash it prompted me to finish off last years. 
This Tavel was absolutely great – everything you want a rosé to be.  The nose is very, very strawberry!  On the palate, there is some strawberry with a light back taste of citrus.  The finish is clean and crisp with just a wisp of the strawberry element hanging around.  You can see the beautiful deep rose color – it gives you an idea of the taste to come. 
Beautiful on its own, this wine would also be great with slightly spicy food.  I think I’d like to try it with a dish of garlic shrimp.  Oops!  This bottle is gone.  However, I did just happen to purchase a bottle of the 2005 …
  1. 11-Jul-2006 10:09 am

    Your photos are great – always have been.  Did you get a new camera? 

  2. Culinary permalink
    11-Jul-2006 5:07 pm

    Hi BH!
    Thanks for the nice words and for thinking that I\’m improving!   I got a new camera in May or June last year so what you\’ve seen is primarily all from the same camera.  Since I started using Flickr for my photos though, I\’ve been trying to learn by example (looking at lots of other photos) and pay more attention to lots of little things. I also joined the local Flickr Meetup group and I\’m learning a ton just by looking at those folks photos and listening to them talk.  Most of them are WAY ahead for me (and use much nicer equipment) but I can still pick up techniques.  I\’ve actually been thinking about taking time to take some classes or even just practice more. 
     I lot of my photos are taken under adverse conditions (I\’m sneaking shots, lighting is bad, etc) but I\’ve learned a few things that help under those conditions.  I\’m trying to think and frame my shots at home in a better way.  Since I still primarily shoot what I\’m going to eat :-)  I don\’t take as much time as I should sometimes…
    ~ B

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