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Scenes from Seattle Cheese Festival 2006

This year’s festival was much improved over last year’s as I’d expected it would be.  It seemed the number of cheeses available to sample had grown and that people had come to Seattle specifically for the festival!  While in Artisanal Alley I heard a couple of different retail-cheese folks from California introducing themselves to the vendors. 
With this banner weather we’re currently having, the crowds were large and it was still sometimes tough to actually get in to get a bite.  Artisinal Alley was relatively quiet and a good option for folks who are a bit more serious about their tasting. 
I have two recommendations for next year’s festival and both are related.  Both for Artisinal Alley and for the premium versus non-premium wine tastings it wasn’t clear to me why or how cheesemakers or wineries fell into what category.  Some cheesemakers that I would have expected to be in Artisinal Alley were not – Point Reyes and Rogue, for instance. For the wine tasting there were many producers that I didn’t know but still we purchased both a premium and a non-premium set and for all intents and purposes couldn’t tell that much difference between them. 
All in all though, this event was  a big success and I look forward to next year! 

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