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Anthony’s Bell Street Diner

As R and I were finishing up our time at the Cheese Festival, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to go back to mundane weekend tasks.  It was such a perfect day!  Instead we decided to head down to the waterfront to enjoy a bit more sun and the water. 
We made our way to Pier 66 and Anthony’s Bell Street Diner, one of three Anthony’s restaurants in the same complex.  The diner has casual fare and a large outdoor seating area – a prerequisite for our afternoon! 
Our visit started off a bit rocky.  We placed our cocktail orders, a cucumber martini and strawberry lemonade (the adult version) and waited.  And waited.  Our server finally came by and apologized for the delay – the bar was backed up.  While we had her there we placed our food orders, too. 
Our drinks arrived and all was well once again.  R’s lemonade was a bit sweet, but you sort of expect strawberry lemonade to be that way.  My Cucumber Martini was very refreshing!  Basically, instead of olives you get little matchsticks of cucumber as garnish in a gin martini.  Very summery! 

Our food arrived shortly thereafter.  R’s clams were beautifully presented in a small covered copper pan.  The lid was removed and the gorgeous baby clams revealed.  It was a simple wine, butter and garlic recipe but perfectly executed.  I wish I could say the same for my shrimp.  The menu simply stated "Barbecued Garlic Prawns" and was listed in the appetizer section so I was really just expecting some garlicky, smoky prawns.  What I got was a few, rather tasteless prawns on top of fried potatoes (??) and drizzled with a flavored oil, that was now puddled in an unappetizing manner on the bottom of the plate.  The prawns were cooked nicely, even if they were just blah, not at all garlicky so I fished them from the potatoes and was done with it.  The good news is that I mentioned my disappointment to the server and she removed the item from our bill.  That was very good and speaks well to Anthony’s policies.  I still find the presentation and menu description to be totally at odds with one another.  
If you are looking for a place to enjoy the waterfront on a nice sunny day this is a great spot to get outside and have a bite or two while you are at it.  
Anthony’s Bell Street Diner
2201 Alaskan Way
Waterfront, Seattle
(206) 448-6688 

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