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Breadfarm: Pan d’Oro


Pan d'Oro

A few years ago, friends gifted me with a loaf of Pan d’Oro from Breadfarm. I wasn’t familiar with Pan d’Oro, also called Pandoro, but knew it’s cousin, Panettone very well. While there are some similarities, Pan d’Oro is a plain dough. It is golden-colored due to the high number of egg yolks in the dough (Pan d’Oro means golden bread), is and flavored with lemon zest or vanilla or some combination of the two, according to the recipes I found. The Breadfarm’s version uses vanilla. I was in love from the first bite.

There are various recipes for Pan d’Oro: Mario Batali has one that is pretty straightforward; but there are others that are much more complex.  The bread is baked in a special 8-pointed star pan. The final product has a texture that is a cross between bread and a light cake. When served you slice across the loaf to reveal the star. It’s often served as a dessert with Chantilly cream, whipped Mascarpone, or drizzled with a thin powdered sugar glaze.

Pan d'Oro

Just before Christmas I was in Bow, next door to Edison, home of The Breadfarm, so couldn’t resist purchasing a loaf.  In fact, I bought two, one for my sister who was hosting the family celebration this year and one for me, along with a few other Breadfarm treats.  If you haven’t been to this bakery make an effort to check it out sometime.  Warning: they only accept cash and checks for payment so be prepared as you’ll want to load up once you see all they have to offer.

Italian French Toast

On Christmas morning I used my Pan d’Oro to make French toast.  I loved the golden stars and the final product was a delicious, fragrant, rich breakfast.  While the slices cooked I sprinkled cinnamon-sugar over them and then served them with warmed maple syrup and a side of thick-cut bacon – what a great holiday breakfast!

The Breadfarm
5766 Cains Court
Bow-Edison, WA 98232

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