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Happy Hour at Liam’s



I could have titled this First Look, since this was my first stop at the newish Liam’s at University Village. But my quick visit for a glass of wine and an appetizer doesn’t qualify as a true First Look.

I stopped by late afternoon on a very cold Saturday. I was expecting to walk into warmth but the place was actually on the chilly side. The bar was pretty full – most seats along the bar were filled, as were all the tables in the bar area. I chose one of the open seats at the bar and was soon greeted by the bartender with a bottle of water (I love that so many places do this now) and three menus: beverage, dining, and Happy Hour.

Marco Polo Gougerè

The Happy Hour menu has a nice selection of options with a few beverage and food choices. Looking for a little nibble to accompany a glass of Happy Hour Red (a Cabernet) my eye landed on Marco Polo Gougerè, described as flavored with mixed peppercorns and smoked salt.  I am a huge fan of gougère and never pass up an opportunity to try them, even though I prefer mine to most I’ve found in Seattle restaurants.  And, even when done not-quite-right, they are a perfect light bite with wine.  I placed my order and waited to see what would come from the kitchen.


They arrived.  Great presentation, perfect small size (they are made anywhere from fist-sized to golf ball-sized) and perfectly golden.  I was almost afraid to bite into them but there was no need for fear!  Still hot from the oven, crispy exterior and airy interior, they were delicious!  The salt and pepper combo was really good – a little spicy but not overly so.  Maybe even better than mine. Maybe.

Can’t speak to anything else on the menu but the gougère are worth a visit.

Overall the prices here seem a little high to me so Happy Hour is a nice opportunity to try a few things from the menu. I also hope they get the inside temperature figured out. It really was on the chilly side, not pleasant for lingering.
2685 NE 46th Street
University Village, South Building

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