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Pumpkin Cupcake


Edison, Washington is a tiny town located in the Skagit Valley. It’s not on any major roadway and is easy to miss if you are not focused on looking for it. I guess with GPS it would be easier to find but years ago my first few attempts at getting to this place were thwarted by missed turns. Once you figure it out, it’s actually easy to find, so just have patience. Now, I make sure I swing through “town” anytime I’m within 20 miles.

The most recent census lists the population as 133. But of those 133 citizens a large number love food and share it with the rest of us. There are several places I like to stop when I’m in town, but the one that really draws me is Breadfarm. I make sure I arrive in town sometime after they open and well before they close.




It’s always hard to decide exactly what to purchase. Sometimes I stock up and put a few things in the freezer when I get home but mostly I try to stick with what I can consume in just a few days. My favorite bread, one that I purchase every time, is the Sour Cherry Lemon Bread. But everything else is up for debate and I often take advantage of seasonal offerings. This time it was a pumpkin cupcake with a light ginger cream frosting and pepitas. It barely lasted long enough for me to take a couple of photos. One year I got lucky when friends brought me a Pan d’Oro, available only a short time during the winter holidays.

The seeded baguettes have a fragrant and interesting mix of seeds; the various shortbread and biscotti cookies are a perfect sweet treat; I’ve tried various pastries and always leave with a smile on my face.

I just noticed that they now sell some of their cookies through Etsy!

At the shop they only accept cash and checks – no credit or debit cards – so plan accordingly.

5766 Cains Court
Edison, WA 98232
(About 15 miles north and a little west of Mt. Vernon)

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  1. 17-Oct-2013 12:45 am

    Such a perfect cupcake. I love your photos, Brenda.

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