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Assembly Hall Juice and Coffee



Assembly Hall Latte


Located on the ground floor of the Via 6 apartments, Assembly Hall Juice and Coffee is a cozy and comfortable space.  A large fireplace divides the seating area and calls you to curl up in a nearby chair.  There are large tables for working groups or for sharing with other laptop toting patrons. Smaller tables surround the perimeter near the bookshelves, with cookbooks and magazines available for browsing. I found a new recipe from an older magazine while I was hanging out, enjoying my beverage.

The beverages and pastries are provided by Tom Douglas and company. The latte I had on the day I dropped by was good, if not great. That might have been at least partially due to the new barista manning the machine when I arrived. As I waited for my drink his mentor showed up anxiously offering help, which was declined but could have made a difference. It was too close to lunch for me to grab a snack but nearly everything that comes from the Tom Douglas bakery is a worthy nosh. They also offer close to a dozen breakfast plates, which sound very appealing.

Between Tanakasan, the Home Remedy store and this coffee shop I really am envious of those calling Via 6 home.

Update 29-Sep: Visited for breakfast this morning. I had tea this visit but my friend had a great coffee! And we both enjoyed our breakfasts – mine was a hand pie, she had the Tanaka family bacon fried rice. Nothing fancy just good food.

Assembly Hall Juice and Coffee
in Via 6
2121 6th Ave

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