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Syncline Rosé at Seatown Seabar



Celebrating Spring


This weekend the Taste Washington event is in town and that means so are many winemakers. Even if you don’t attend the event, you have opportunities to meet them at many of the local wine shops and restaurants.  Friday night one of my favorite wineries, Syncline, brought their newly released rosé to the patio at Seatown Seabar.

If you remember, Friday was another one of those pouring-rain days we’ve been having.  And, the wind was whipping like crazy!  But just as they cracked the little keg of rosé the sun broke through the clouds and warmed the patio.  Somehow, the patio was also blocked from the wind, although I would not have suspected that.  While it was still chilly, we sat in a warm pool of sunshine and  I could imagine true spring days ahead.  Then again, that could have been the rosé effect!


Freshly shucked


Syncline’s rosé is a nice, dry style rosé.  This year’s blend seems particularly beautiful.  Perhaps it was the turn in the weather that made the wine extra good or the small bites prepared by the Seatown chef that paired so well with it.  While those things helped, the wine is definitely a winner.  Crisp, dry, lots of citrus balanced by melon and a beautiful pale pink color this wine will complement lots of foods.  On Friday we sipped it with oysters on the half-shell and mini goat cheese tartlets.  With the oysters the wine enhanced the taste of the sea and felt a little fuller and richer in the mouth.  With the goat cheese, the crispness came forward, cleansing the palate while drawing out the creaminess of the cheese.  On its own the wine is a perfect sitting-in-the-sun-on-the-deck wine.


The Winemakers


One of the fun things about these events is the opportunity to meet the people behind the products.  James and Poppie Mantone were both in attendance and I spoke with Poppie about their rosé style.  Her enthusiasm was obvious and hearing her rattle off the components of this wine (there are five varietals) and how each contributes, was a little window into the winemaker’s world.  Standing next to James and Poppie was the Seatown chef, I’m sorry to say I don’t know his name, patiently shucking more and more oysters as the group slurped them down.

That little patio area at Seatown is really great.  Sitting on the west side of the building and heated, you can bask in the sunshine both earlier and later into our short summer season.  And they always have interesting Happy Hour specials.

The Syncline rosé is not yet officially released but Pike and Western had a couple of cases available on Friday.  It should be available in a couple of months at other wine shops around the area.


Goat Cheese with Vegetable Melange


More information on Syncline Wine Cellars.

Seatown Seabar
2010 Western Ave
Pike Place Market

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