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Smarty Pants!





South of downtown Seattle the Georgetown neighborhood is slowly evolving into a quirky and interesting place.  Full of character, holding onto industrial roots, home to artists and pioneers there is a small, tight community at the heart of it all. 

One of the neighborhood’s early adopters, Smarty Pants grabbed a lot of attention in 2004.  It’s a restaurant/bar and it seems nearly everyone feels at home in this slightly retro, slightly grungy but totally laid-back spot.  Restaurant might be a little misleading; it’s really more of a sandwich shop with extras including soups, salads and a weekend brunch menu.  In past visits I’ve been with large groups and would grab a cocktail or beer and maybe snack on someone else’s nachos.  A few days ago a friend and I met there for lunch and I had my first actual meal there. 

I ordered the Club Pant, a big sandwich filled with layers of turkey, bacon and more.  K had her regular, the BELT which adds slices of egg to a BLT.  My sandwich was very good, although not remarkable.  So was the coleslaw that came along with it – you have a choice of slaw, potato salad or chips and salsa. The layer of hard-boiled egg on K’s sandwich were very tempting.   Everything was fresh and carefully prepared.  I couldn’t finish my sandwich as portions are generous. 


Club Pants


I’m not sure the food is so special as to justify a trip specifically to eat there but if you are in the area it’s definitely a great option.  From past visits I can tell you that they handle big groups really well; that is often hard to find in this city.  Service might be a tad slow when the place is packed, but it always comes with a smile.

Smarty Pants
6017 Airport Way S

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