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Fill ‘er Up


Fuel Coffee


I was out and about recently and needed a place with Wi-Fi to check Email and take a quick break.  I noticed the Fuel sign near 45th and Wallingford and decided to drop in.  Fuel Coffee is a locally owned coffee shop with three locations.  They always have the nicest people working behind the counters.  All of the shops are comfortable and clean.  I was happy to find a parking place right in front – although I think they also have a lot behind the shop. 


Steaming Hot


Maybe it was the sunny day but this Wallingford location seemed especially cheery – at least the front section near the big windows was. It was a great place to take a little break, regroup and then get back out into the world.

Fuel Coffee
1705 N 45th St

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  1. Leslie permalink
    28-Jan-2011 1:06 pm

    Hey, I think you should check out Cafe Diablo on Queen Anne. They serve Cuban coffee and Cuban toast – plus they have free WiFi as well. Nothing like a cafe con leche – and dip your toast into it.

  2. 28-Jan-2011 4:16 pm

    I’ve actually been thinking that I should try at least one new place a week. ;-) I’ll let you know when I’m headed in your direction and maybe you can meet me!

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