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I have a love/hate relationship with Costco.  Mostly love but every now and then a shopping trip there "makes" me do something I really shouldn’t.  Let’s hope that’s not the case this time.  And, knock on wood, so far, so good. 
A couple of weeks ago one of my contacts mentioned she was eating Carr’s Ginger Lemon Creme Cookies.  I became addicted to them after finding them at Costco several months ago. They are very good!  I mentioned to her they were available at Costco.  That, of course, caused me to think about them rather incessantly and the next time I was at Costco I navigated toward the cookie aisle.  But I didn’t actually make it down the aisle. 
It was one of those days (maybe it’s most days?) when sampling stations were placed around the store.  At the end of the cookie aisle was a woman handing out Sweet Williams Lemon Tea Cookies.  Well, I’ve never met a tea cookie I didn’t like so after consuming the sample I was sold!  I brought a tub, yes I said a tub – over 1½ pounds of cookies – home with me. 
These cookies have a tart, lemony flavor and the powdered sugar coating is the perfect sweet accent.  So far I’ve controlled my infatuation and managed to keep my consumption to just one or two of the two-bite cookies at a time.  The taste is so satisfying that I’m not compelled to gobble them up. 
I’m guessing that Costco will only carry these for a short time, although I know they are available other places, too. 
  1. Brianna permalink
    10-Aug-2012 5:32 pm

    Costco has not carried Sweet Williams Lemon Tea cookies for over a year and I have not found them anywhere. You mentioned the you know that they are available other places. Would you please tell me where I might find them? Thanks!

  2. 11-Aug-2012 7:28 am

    These are the same cookies:

    You might also look for Biringer’s Farm Fresh line of tea cookies. They are also very good.

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