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A Quick Spot of Tea

After viewing the amazing Japanese woodblock prints at SAAM yesterday afternoon, M and I found we had a spare 30 minutes before our planned dinner at Anchovies & Olives so we stopped for a cup of tea at the Online Coffee Company which is just a short block away. 
This location on Pine has big windows on the west and south sides so it is filled with light.  Rows of focused workers/students line the tables, laptops open, busily working or surfing.  According to the website your first 30 minutes of WiFi is free with a purchase.  The site doesn’t list the rates after the 30 minutes is up. 
This is a really pleasant place and I could see myself dropping by, especially if I’m in need of WiFi for a short period.  There are three locations in Seattle, two on Capitol Hill and one downtown on First Ave. 
Online Coffee Company
1404 E Pine St
Capitol Hill

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