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Anthony’s at SeaTac

I normally take early morning flights out of SeaTac, which means about the only thing I "eat" in the airport is a cup of tea.  But last month I had an evening flight to Phoenix and the timing was such that I decided that grabbing a bite before getting on the plane might be a good idea.  I thought about Vino Volo (which I could swear I’ve posted about but apparently not…) but was really in the mood for some sort of salad more than a delicious flight of wine. 
While wandering around the central terminal, Anthony’s caught my eye. I took a place at the bar, decided on the Shrimp Caesar and ordered a glass of wine.  The bartender was very helpful in making my selection from the limited number of wines by the glass.  Interestingly, they don’t list the airport location on their website so I can’t check the menu to tell you exactly what I had but it was okay. 
My salad arrived a very short time later (great for those in a hurry to catch a flight) and I was really pleased at the quality and size of the salad for the price.  There was a little too much dressing for my taste but I normally ask for salad dressing to be "light" and didn’t this night.  There was a pile of small shrimp gracing the plate, the romaine was fresh and crispy and there were plenty of croutons.  It was a really decent salad. 
Not a place you can just "pop" into of course, but if you are looking for a place to spend a bit of time before catching a flight, consider Anthony’s.
Anthony’s Restaurant
SeaTac Airport
Central Terminal (the new area)

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