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Scottsdale: Greasewood Flat

If all you really want is a good burger and a beer, and maybe a little trip out of the city to where the air is a little cooler, head to Greasewood Flat in northeast Scottsdale.  Situated at the site of an old stagecoach stop, Greasewood Flat is a pretty basic spot in some ways and amazingly complex in others. 
The menu is limited to burgers, chili and a hotdog.  Simple but good.  Seating is outdoors.  But there’s room for you and a few hundred friends.  They say they can seat 1000.  As you walk around the expansive grounds there is an amazing collection of "old stuff".  Collections of wagons form the border and lots of rusty stuff fills every nick and corner.  And there are a few mules and chickens wandering around fenced in areas thrown in for good measure. 
Open for lunch and dinner, the party really starts on weekend nights when the bands get going. 
Greasewood Flat
27375 N Alma School Pkwy
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