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Lunch at Steelhead Diner

Yesterday I met MO for lunch and we headed to The Market to Steelhead Diner.  It was a perfect day to sit outside and since we had arrived early there were open tables on their little deck overlooking Post Alley.  While we were serenaded from below by different musicians we enjoyed a delicious lunch comprised of fresh, local ingredients.

While waiting for our orders we first dipped into the bread – good enough to be a meal on it’s own – which was served with both butter and olive oil.  I was extra bad and used both but I love that combination!  

Next we divided a green salad made with Full Circle Farm organic baby lettuce, Rolling Stone Lavender Goat Cheese, Sidha farms berries and spiced walnuts.  The goat cheese was soft and just lightly scented; the berries were super sweet and some were gigantic.  The combination was simple yet very nice.

We also split a Dungeness Crab cake and Totten Inlet Mussels. 
The crab cake was very large and filled with big pieces of crab leg.  It seemed that meat from the body was used as filler, although there must have been bread crumbs, too. but not much besides crab – the cake barely held together.  Crispy, fried parsley was sprinkled over the cake adding a nice dimension to the flavors. 

The mussels were very tasty, although not as hot as I expected.  They were actually titled "Totten Inlet Mussels in Purgatory", which to my mind meant there would be some heat.  Although sliced serranos were evident I really didn’t feel any sort of even mild burn.  Still, the mussels were very good with andouille, toasted garlic and herbs complementing the sweet shellfish. 
Steelhead Diner
95 Pine St
Pike Place Market

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