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Eat (at) Crow


I don’t’ believe I’ve ever written a post about Crow.  I think that’s because in the past the photos have not been great.  Generally the place is packed to the gills and finding a place (without a reservation) is enough of a challenge without trying to take photos, too. 
But M and I visited a few weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised to walk in to a semi-empty space.  I guess it wouldn’t be pleasant if it had stayed that way – after all we want the good places in Seattle to survive – but it soon began filling up, just at a more leisurely pace than in past visits.
I think the only reason for the slow down is that Crow is now established and is not subject to the feeding frenzy that consumes newly-opened, acclaimed restaurants.  Instead the crowds have now settled into more of a rhythm.  They know what to expect, they’ve had a chance to try it out and while they will continue to come to Crow, newer places are now handling the clamor and frenzy that used to be found here.  Either that or it was a sunny day outside and here in Seattle people tend to stay out longer on those days….
Our food this last visit was just as good as ever.  The menu at Crow changes on a regular basis but the quality stays the same.  It’s always been great.  And the freshness and inventiveness you find on the food menu extends to the drinks menu, too.  
I started with a lemon-based drink but since this was a few weeks ago I can’t remember if it was Lemondrop-like or gin-based.  I just remember it was perfect for the evening.  It had been a little warm that day so I wanted something really refreshing.  The drink was lemony and had the perfect touch of rosemary balancing out the flavors. I was very happy.  

For dinner I had a Thai-inspired Shrimp salad.  The coleslaw-like base was fragrant with toasted coconut, among other things, and the shrimp were perfectly grilled!  
M had Crow’s take on Pasta and Clams.  Small, succulent clams, bacon, onion, greens and broth mixed into linguine.  Simple and satisfying.  
As always, we sat at the bar and had great service.  All in all a pleasant way to spend an early evening.     
823 5th Ave N
Queen Anne

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