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FX McRory’s

Had lunch with some friends at FX McRory’s last week.  Always a good solid deal.  Love their burgers!  We each had a different kind.  I had the Bacon Blue Cheese (above). 
The others had Jim Beam BBQ Bacon Burger and a Mushroom Burger with Cheddar instead of Swiss cheese.  And the fries are great, too!   
F.X. McRory’s Steak Chop & Oyster House
419 Occidental Avenue South  
Pioneer Square
206 623-4800
  1. currie permalink
    29-May-2008 9:41 am

    the Bacon Blue Cheese looks great!!!
    Btw, time for me to go to lunch as well ;) !!
    Have a great day!

  2. renay permalink
    29-May-2008 10:27 am

    the food looks delicious.

  3. Steve permalink
    29-May-2008 5:21 pm

    Nice shots. Fries had better be piping hot, or I won\’t eat them!

  4. Culinary permalink
    30-May-2008 6:33 am

    @ currie:  That one was mine!  Yummy!!!
    @ renay:  Thanks!  The food is always good at this place. 
    @ Steve:  Thanks.  I like hot fries, too, but I think what really defines a good fry is if it still is good once it cools.  And these were!

  5. HEDGE permalink
    30-May-2008 3:31 pm

    Guess what I want now?
    …and i just went on a diet staying away from burgers and fries for the summer!  thank-you so much!  :P

  6. Culinary permalink
    30-May-2008 9:11 pm

    giving up things is overrated.  Allowing yourself one now and then is a much better idea. :-)
    ~ B

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