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First Look: Furio


Originally posted on March 25, 2006 on The Spirit World

I was looking for this post and realized I had never transferred it over to this blog, so it’s a little old…. ;-)

Another place M and I checked out while in Scottsdale was a little place called Furio. We had tried to visit in past years but it was always too crowded. They sit off the main Old Town street and a bit south of most of the action so not as many people drop in but they have a core group of regulars. On this trip we actually visited twice. We stopped on our way to J Bar, just to check it out and then liked it so much we decided it needed a night all its own.

The first night we stopped in we were in time for Happy Hour. Appetizers are specially priced; well drinks, domestic beer and house wines are $3 and they have a specialty drinks for $5. The Cosmopolitan was on the specials menu so that was my choice, M had a Juicy Tangerine. Both cocktails were good, although the Cosmo was a bit on the sweet side. But what really caught our attention was the food! We had ordered a Bistec del Furio from the Happy Hour menu. It was sooooo good! Thin slices of steak; warm, melty, ooey Brie; and pesto on a warm baguette. It was a sandwich and I’d had more of a bruschetta pictured but that was my misinterpretation. Since we had plans to move on to J Bar we pulled the tops off the sandwich and ate the bottom open-faced so that we wouldn’t get too full. The steak was cooked to perfection, the Brie was warm and smooth and the pesto added that extra little kick that moved it into the unforgettable category.


We returned the following night. Alas, no Happy Hour on Saturdays but that was only a small disappointment. M had a Flaming Hot Margarita which was flaming due to the 151 poured into a key lime shell and set afire and I had a Mojito. Both drinks were excellent. I was a bit surprised when, after squeezing fresh lime juice into my drink, I saw the bartender also add Rose’s Lime Juice. I’m not sure why they did that but the ratio of fresh to Rose’s was such that I didn’t even know the Rose’s was in it.

I won’t go into great detail about the food since this post is starting to run rather long, but we ordered: Beef Tenderloin Bruschetta with telagio cheese and grilled asparagus (what I thought I was getting the night before); Pan Fried Red and Green Tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and baby greens; Lobster Risotto. Absolute heaven! I loved the asparagus on the bruschetta – it was a perfect crunch and roasty taste. The red tomatoes weren’t as red as they should have been but since I like fried green tomatoes it didn’t bother me so much. Next time I go I’m going to order two or three lobster risottos, put it all in a big bowl and just jump in and wallow in it. I melted when I tasted the first bite of that creamy, rich bowl. It was so rich the two of us couldn’t finish it.

When they bring the check they also bring the most lovely truffles. I actually saved mine as a treat for the next day – I had it for “breakfast” as I was packing my bags. Decadent, melt in your mouth, dark, rich chocolate.

I wish I lived in the area as Furio has a couple of ongoing promotions which I’d love to check out. Sunday they offer 1/2 off bottled wine, which is nice but rather common. Monday is “M & M” night: Martini’s and Manicures! What a great idea! I’d be all over that. First Thursdays they have Flight Nights where they offer a different flight of boutique wines and a tasting menu to go with the flight.

Furio will definitely be on my list of “places to go” next time I’m in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.
7210 East Second Street
Old Town

  1. HEDGE permalink
    26-May-2008 6:34 pm

    I thought I\’d pass on a little local specialty … maybe you know this one already: 
    Smoked Salmon with Nasturtium leaves:
    Thinly sliced smoked salmon works the best.
    Nasturtium leaves should not be too old, otherwise they will not be as succulent, about 1 1/2 inches in diameter is a good size.
    Take a slice of salmon and roll one or two leaves of nasturtium inside, put it on your favourite wafer and pop it in your mouth.
    This makes a great appetizer for a wine and cheese gathering.

  2. Culinary permalink
    27-May-2008 6:01 am

    Hi Hedge,
    Sounds interesting..  I\’ve eaten lots of nasturium flowers but don\’t remember trying the leaves before.  Since nasturium is sort of peppery it sounds like a great combination. 
    Have a good week!

  3. HEDGE permalink
    28-May-2008 11:37 pm

    i did it!  you\’ll have to read my blog to know what i\’m talking about

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