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Yesterday, while wandering through the grocery store picking up a few things for last night’s dinner club dinner I noticed a big stack of corn.  Now it’s way too early for corn from our area but the gorgeous kernels were irresistible.  This corn didn’t just call my name it actually jumped into my cart all on its own!
I only bought one ear since dinner club is always a big meal and generally there are leftovers but I thought I could make this one ear for lunch.  And I did.  And I should have known better.  The kernels were large but I was prepared to overlook that.  However, it had been off the stalk for too long and the sugars were already well on their way to becoming starch which meant it had very little sweetness left at all.  Now, I’m not a big fan of the super sweet corn that we see so much of today – the kind that tastes more of sugar than corn – but this tasted like farm animal food to me. 
Oh well.  For a minute I was full of anticipation and now I know to just wait for the "real" stuff.  I think I actually knew that but still one can always hope!
  1. Jennifer permalink
    09-May-2008 3:39 pm

    Too bad the corn wasn\’t tasty but your photo is. Mmmmmm….I love your dinner club celebrations. What a fantastic thing to do. How did you get it started. Whose idea was it.I need to do this. Just too lovely not to.You live a charmed life.-jenj

  2. Culinary permalink
    10-May-2008 9:04 pm

    Hi Jen – The dinner club has been so much fun – more than I ever could have imagined.  I\’d been thinking about it about the same time a friend mentioned it to me.  So we sat down and figured out some "rules" or guidelines for how the club would work and then set about finding other friends who we thought would buy into the same idea as we had.  The biggest thing was that the person/people had to be committed to the club (no flaking out at the last minute – we all have those friends), and no picky eaters – willing to try lots of stuff. 
    If you look back at the very earliest cooking club posts I have a lot of detail about what we did. 
    Anyway we are now 1/2 way through our 6th year! I just posted the info about our 36th dinner.  This has been wildly successful.  We still have 4 of the original 5 members – one ended up moving quite far out of town at the beginning of year 3.  We brought in a new person then and she\’s still with us.  We have talked about and shared so much and laughed so hard and learned tons! 
    I really encourage you to do something similar or the same.  The important thing is to be very clear about your idea/concept about how the club will work and make sure everyone is bought in.  That will help make it successfl from the start. 
    Good luck and let me know if you decide to do your own club – I\’d love to hear about it!
    ~ B

  3. Jennifer permalink
    17-May-2008 6:05 am

    I see…Thanks for your time and knowledge.I\’ll have to check out those "earliest cooking club posts" regarding details of your plan of action.Sweet!I need to stay motivated here and on task about this concept. I love it.Thank you,-jenj

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