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I believe that summer will come


Here in the Seattle area we’ve had a colder than normal spring.  So cold that the last days of March/early days of April actually brought snow – and not just in the mountains.  Today however the high will be around 70 degrees!  It will only be for just this one day and then we’ll go back to "normal" with temperatures in the 50s, but 50s are still better than what we have been experiencing.  
Yesterday was nice, too and while I was out running some errands I happened upon a whole display of fresh herbs.  I have herbs that grow year round but basil is a tender, temperamental annual herb.  It needs consistent nighttime temperatures at 50 or above to survive.  But one I’d brushed against it and smelled summer wafting about me I was hooked!  I bought a couple starts, one green and one purple.  I’ll need to haul them in and out of the house for several weeks but just for the fragrance alone it’s worth it.  
And besides, it’s helping me have faith that it will at some point actually get warm here in the Northwest.   

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