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Brunch for Seven


Last week I suddenly got motivated to have some friends over for brunch.  The catalyst was wishing EE happy birthday last weekend and then realizing it had been some time since I’d seen him and BR.  Once we established that they were available on Sunday I decided to include a few others in the plans and M and K and their husbands accepted invitations to join in. 
So Sunday at 11:00 they met at my house and luckily, although it is still freezing cold here in Seattle, the sun was out.  This was important as I wanted to grill part of the meal.  My grill is under cover but getting back and forth to it isn’t much fun if it happens to be pouring rain!
The menu was pretty simple:  
Grilled asparagus, grilled pineapple and grilled maple syrup-basted Ham 
Oven roasted potatoes
Strata (savory bread pudding)
Cinnamon buns with a citrus-honey-butter sauce
Fresh squeezed grapefruit and orange juice and a Bloody Mary bar
Both the strata and the cinnamon buns recipes were new to me and from Pure Flavor: 125 Fresh All-American Recipes from the Pacific Northwest written by local author, Kurt Dammeier, owner of Beecher’s Cheese.   
This was a pretty simple brunch but one that really tasted of spring.  If you’ve been thinking of entertaining this is a great way to do it! 
  1. renay permalink
    01-Apr-2008 4:59 pm

    the food looks really delicioous.

  2. HEDGE permalink
    03-Apr-2008 8:08 pm

    ohhh!  you\’re making me hungry!  it all looks and sounds good!  
    there\’s a new season of Hell\’s Kitchen that started up again this past Tuesday.  Not sure if you\’ve seen it, but I\’m a big fan of the show :)

  3. Culinary permalink
    05-Apr-2008 8:11 am

    Renay:  Thanks! 
    Hedge:  I think I\’ve just seen one snipped of Hell\’s Kitchen – I think it might not be on at a convenient time for me but I\’ll take another look. 
    ~ B

  4. Eric permalink
    06-Apr-2008 8:44 pm

    Thanks again for the lovely brunch!  Everything was delicious and it was fun to catch up.  I suppose it would be better etiquette to get a note into the mail but this is the new millenium.  :-)  EE

  5. Culinary permalink
    07-Apr-2008 7:50 am

    :-)  You\’re welcome, EE!  Glad you enjoyed it and we need to do it again!  Or maybe this time it will be dinner on the deck – if the weather starts cooperating….
    ~ B

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