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Lots o’ Fruitcake

Yesterday I finally got all my fruitcakes baked.  It’s a tad bit late as fruitcake is best after a couple weeks – once the flavors have really melded – and I’ll be handing them out to my family in a week.  And, yes, they do like them! 
As I’ve mentioned in past articles the trick to making good fruitcake is to use good ingredients – hold off on those fluorescent cherries and pineapple!  Use real candied citrus or lots of dried fruits, like I do.  Brings fruitcake to a whole new level. 
In the photo the round ones are gifts and the "bread" shaped loaves are mine for an upcoming party and just to eat! 
More info and the recipe here
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  1. Sheldon permalink
    15-Dec-2007 7:04 am

    Wonderfully delectable !!

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