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Zeke’s Drive In

There was a time in my life where I stopped by Zeke’s on Hwy 2 just outside of Goldbar a couple of times a year on my way back from Stevens Pass or Lake Chelan or other points east.  But over the years as the population in the state has increased, and more people moved out to those seemingly distant little towns northeast of Seattle I’ve come to either avoid Hwy 2 and the associated traffic or, if forced to take it, once on the road we don’t stop for fear of not being able to find a break in the traffic to make the left-hand turn required to get back on the highway after a stop at Zeke’s.   
But last weekend I awoke to what was to become a gorgeous day and decided to do a quick trip to Leavenworth – not so much for the town and Oktoberfest, which was in process, but for the drive over Stevens Pass and the fall color that would be in full display along the highway. 
After spending the morning driving, taking photographs and walking around Leavenworth I headed back west, stopping often for more photos of the gorgeous fall color that was evident everywhere.  But as I approached Goldbar I realized that I was in very light traffic – so light that a stop by Zeke’s would be a snap!  And, as I turned into the parking lot. I was surprised to see that I was there at an "off-hour" – too late for lunch, too early for dinner so there weren’t even any lines at this institution. 
I ordered a cheeseburger deluxe (lettuce, tomato and onion), onion rings and a root beer shake.  The burger was the same old-fashioned drive-in burger that I remembered; the onion rings were made with sweet Walla Wallas, although they could have used another minute in the fryer; instead of a shake they made me a root beer float which I just took.  So not exactly the experience I had hoped for but close enough that the next time I pass I’ll be hoping to stop by again. 
  1. Dennis permalink
    13-Nov-2007 5:41 pm


  2. Culinary permalink
    14-Nov-2007 7:42 am

    Thanks, Dennis!  Eat with your eyes! ;-)

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