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Treasure with a Burn

So first I just need to admit that I am a Costco nut.  I love strolling the aisles to see what new "treasures" I can find.  And at this time of year I’m in hog heaven as they bring in lots of stuff for the holidays that they don’t have at other times of the year.  In fact, I’ve started my "testing" to see if there are any new items I can use throughout the holidays, especially for my big holiday party. 
A couple days ago I had a little time on my hands and after picking up some photos I did a pretty thorough stroll.  I found a couple new things and these Green Tea Wasabi Peanuts were one of them.  Now, I love wasabi peas so these seemed like a good bet.  And they are!  What a perfect little snack to serve along with cocktails! 
I’m sure they are available at other places but right now Costco is carrying one pound bags – try them out!
  1. KKai permalink
    20-Oct-2007 2:59 am

    They look great, but how do they taste?XD*drools

  2. Emily permalink
    20-Oct-2007 6:38 pm

    hi fool,I\’m a fellow fool, here in Seattle. I write a wine blog for the Seattle PI ( and really really really like a pic of yours I found on flickr of Walnut City WineWorks being poured into a glass… Can I use it? I\’m a "citizen journalist" blogger which means I do it for free, but I\’ll give your blog proper credit in the photo title if you let me.Pretty please?-Emily Resling

  3. Styln permalink
    28-Oct-2007 8:51 am

    I love wasabi! I think I might like these nuts.

  4. Jennifer permalink
    12-Nov-2007 6:28 pm

    I\’m a "Costco Nut" too.Those peanuts sound right up my alley. Thank You,jenj

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