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Rue Mouffetard

One of my favorite places in Paris – or at least a place I’m always drawn to – is Rue Mouffetard.  This old, narrow winding, cobblestone street used to run all the way to Rome! Now it is the heart of a vibrant neighborhood scene with lots of little cafés, a myriad of specialty food shops, interesting clothing and accessory stores and a farmers’ market.  The farmers’ market is open everyday but on Fridays, I think it is, it quadruples in size.  
On my previous visit to Paris I was lucky enough to spend a couple days with friends who have a house in the 13th.  One night to thank them for putting me up I shopped Mouffetard and made dinner.  That was such a fun experience – to actually be able to shop the market and cook all the treasures!   
This time I was not so lucky, but still just strolling the street and enjoying the abundance of beautiful foods is a great way to pass a little time.  Window shopping at its finest! 
It’s going to take me a couple weeks – maybe more – to get through all my photos.  Many of them will be posted here on the blog but you can see the full set here or as a slideshow here. 

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