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Banana Bonanza


Every now and then I forget just how many bananas are in a 4 pound package.  That normally happens when I’m craving a banana, I’m shopping at Costco and I remember that you can get a big ol’ bag for $1.30 or thereabouts.
This happened to me a couple weeks ago and after opening the bag and eating the one I was craving, the others just sort of sat around.  And then they sat a little while longer.  And then I noticed how brown they were getting and decided to do something about it.  
I made short work of several of them that very day.  My first project was a big batch of banana muffins.  Now the recipe I use has you fill the cupcake tins to the very brim and then the muffins grow big muffin-tops while they bake, resulting in humongous (and delicious) muffins.  I decided to make them a more reasonable size and after eating a couple, I have about 15 or 16 stored in my freezer waiting to be popped out some morning when I need a banana break. 
My next project was another one of the recipes from David Lebovitz’ book, The Perfect Scoop, Roasted Banana Ice Cream.  This is one of the recipes he made in his class I took in June.  I decided to replicate not just the ice cream but also most of the presentation he’d used in the class for a dinner with M and her mom.
My version of the ice cream seemed to be sweeter than what I had in class, but that may have been because my bananas were so super ripe.  In class, David made nice petite profiteroles but I wanted something that would hold a "regular" – not gigantic – scoop of ice cream so I made mine a bit bigger.  I’d probably rethink that strategy if I did this again.  I really did like the petite version a little better.  
Once I’d sliced the profiteroles and filled them with the ice cream I drizzled them with dark chocolate sauce.  Pretty dang good, I’d say!
I still have a few bananas left that I’ve been holding in the fridge – I guess one more project is in order!        
  1. Jamie permalink
    21-Aug-2007 7:08 pm

    I felt like I could smell the aroma of those warm, fresh baked banana muffins through the screen!
    Hey there\’s an idea: 

  2. Culinary permalink
    22-Aug-2007 6:45 am

    Sounds like you should pair up with Emeril – it\’s another version of "Smellivision"!  

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