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Accolades for Tealuxe

So often we complain when things go wrong or a company doesn’t meet expectations but we need to also make sure we spread the word when a company performs well.
I’ve talked about Tealuxe before.  And although I don’t bore you with every order I place and receive from them I continue to enjoy their tea on an ongoing basis.  A couple weeks ago I received my latest order.  But when I looked at the packages I realized they had made an error.  I had ordered one type of Earl Grey tea but received a different version – easy mistake to make, especially since the product numbers are just off by one digit.  
At first I thought I’d just use what I had received but a couple days into it I remembered that I really didn’t like the version that was sent as much as the one I had ordered.  I called the customer service number and talked to a very nice man who, apologized, didn’t hassle me in anyway and promptly sent out a package of what I had ordered, telling me to hold on to what I had and use it until the new order arrived.  
The box arrived a couple days later with the version of Earl Grey I’d originally requested and it was twice as much as I’d ordered and paid for.  Now that is great customer service.      
  1. Jamie permalink
    20-Aug-2007 8:03 am

    I like this post because it gives me hope.  I lived in Japan for some time and when I came back to the States, I was shocked at how bad customer service is in comparison.  It is optimistic to see that some companies still hold a good ethic.  Look, now I have read that Tealuxe is a great place to purchase tea so the next time I need some Earl Grey, I will hop on over there.  If I have a good experience, I will tell my freinds and so on…
    It seems that good service pays off.

  2. Culinary permalink
    20-Aug-2007 9:49 pm

    Hi Jamie,
    Yes good cutomer service does pay off and there probably isn\’t as much of it around as we\’d all like.  But there are enough places who get it and over time I\’m sure you\’ll discover more. 
    ~ b 

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