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Peach-Apricot-Blueberry Cobbler

About this time of year I fall into the same trap as I do every summer.  I go to the farmers’ market and everything looks so good that I end up buying more than I can eat before it all starts getting too ripe. And I even tried to manage it this last Saturday, only buying a couple of peaches, a few apricots, okay a huge amount of blueberries and lots of other stuff.  
So today I was looking at the fruit flies circling the peaches and apricots and thinking I’d better do something and fast.  Cobbler seemed like just the thing.  
Instead of making a straight Peach Cobbler, I started with that basic recipe from my trusty Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book, and then made a few changes.  
      • Instead of just peaches I used a combination of peaches, apricots and blueberries
      • I decided to add a little thyme to the fruit mix to give it a bit of a savory kick, but I needed more than I added – you couldn’t really taste it
      • I added some vanilla to the fruit
      • I reduced the amount of sugar as the fruit was so sweet
      • I increased the amount of cornstarch, as the apricots were so ripe they sort of melted when I heated them. 

After the cobbler had cooked and slightly cooled, I scooped out a bowlful and added a dollop of slightly thickened, unsweetened heavy cream. 

Now that’s what I call dinner! 




  1. john permalink
    08-Aug-2007 9:54 pm

    Thank *ghod* it\’s not just us over-purchasing at the Farmer\’s Markets.  I always feel sad and embarassed when we have to dispose of purchased goods.

  2. Culinary permalink
    09-Aug-2007 5:54 am

    Hi John!
    :-)  No, you\’re not alone.  The trick is to think up new and interesting combinations that can use everything in one dish! 
    ~ B 

  3. Leta permalink
    10-Aug-2007 2:04 pm

    Hey! I am looking for that peach cobbler recipe! I gave the cookbook to my daughter-in-law and she isn\’t home and I want to make cobbler and yours sounds wonderful!

  4. Culinary permalink
    10-Aug-2007 10:21 pm

    "No name":  Hopefully you\’ve found a recipe by now but in case not, this one is pretty similar:  Except I used 4 Tbsp butter in the topping dough.   

  5. Cays permalink
    11-Aug-2007 10:28 am

    Te felicito por tu blog, esta precioso, probare a preparar esta receta, se ve que queda muy bien.  Las fotos han conseguido el efecto maravilloso de incitar al paladar al probar estas recetas. Te invito a mirar mi blog.

  6. Culinary permalink
    13-Aug-2007 8:36 pm

    "Sin nombre""
    Muchas gracias!  Miré su blog – es muy agaradable! 
    ~ B

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