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Limoncello Update

Well, I’ve let nearly six weeks go by since we started this and I really should have updated you about three weeks ago! :-(  As this is a repost of something I did last year, I’m going to pretend that I posted this when I should have – because really that’s the timeline you should use for this project…
Three weeks ago I started my Limoncello project. In this first step, after zesting the lemons you let the zest sit in grain alcohol (in this case 100 proof vodka) until the color is drained from the zest. At first the process seemed a bit slow but between days 14 to 18, the color moved from the zest to the liquid. It actually may have started a bit sooner but was really noticeable in that timeframe. 
The fragrance is amazing! When I open the lid of the jar I’m hit with a wonderful strong lemon essence! However, I learned quickly not to inhale too deeply as the strong vodka essence follows right behind! 
Later today or tomorrow, I’ll strain this liquid and then mix it with simple syrup. That is actually going to be where the challenge comes in. Of the several recipes I’ve reviewed the most variance is in the simple syrup ratio. "Simple" simple syrup is a 1 to 1 ratio of sugar to water. Most of these recipes call for a more concentrated version so that you don’t reduce the alcohol percent of the final product too much. But I’ve seen everything from a 5 – 4 (sugar to water) ratio to a 2 – 1 ratio.  
Next week, I’ll report on which ratio I chose and how it all turned out!


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