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Pesos Kitchen and Lounge

Mostly I seem to focus on new places around town and forget to talk about the places that have earned a spot in my ongoing repertoire of establishments I enjoy on a fairly regular basis.  It seems I should rectify that as restaurants and bars that have been around awhile and provide a comfortable experience are probably more worthy of recognition than any bright and shiny newcomer – I mean they’ve withstood the test of time!  
Last week R and I were attending a play at Intiman and decided to meet at Pesos Kitchen and Lounge for a bite to eat before going to the theater.  I don’t really remember the first time I went to Pesos but I can tell you that it was years ago, probably soon after they opened.  If you pass by at certain times and on certain days it would be easy to assume that this is just another restaurant masquerading as Mexican when their primary focus is drinking.  While Pesos does have a vibrant and lively bar crowd don’t let that lead you to the false belief that the food is anything but great! 
What is a little interesting though, are the items on the menu that may be Mexican influenced but would not be the first thing that comes to mind for this culture.  For instance, on this last visit R and I had spring rolls – not something that screams "Mexican".  However, they were filled with crab and avocado providing some version of "Mexican Fusion", I guess.  While they were actually very good, frying did not really seem like the best way to treat the delicate flavors of the crab and avocado – they may have been better served with a different preparation.   
Our other choice that night was the Carnitas Tostados Poblanos.  Served with big chunks of pulled pork atop crispy tortillas and topped with fresh lettuce, avocado, salsa and a dressing these were absolutely delightful – a bit spicy with tons of flavor! 
I settled for a Corona to wash it all down with, while R went for a house Margarita which was splendid by all accounts. 
Their Happy Hour is a really great deal with food items prices at $4 or $5.  The carnitas were $4 and the spring roll $5.  No discount on drinks but with food this good, it’s okay! 
So if you are looking for a place to meet or regroup before or after some event at Seattle Center, think about Pesos – the food is tried and true, the staff friendly and it may provide just the lively experience you’re looking for. 
Pesos Kitchen and Lounge
605 Queen Anne Ave N
Lower Queen Anne
Happy Hour 4 pm – 6 pm


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